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Why Is It Essential For Businesses To Hire Mobile Application Services Company In Dubai


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    There is no doubt that the internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities for businesses across the globe. But, the actual revolution that has changed our lives is the advent of smartphones. It gives you the power to connect from wherever you are, and at whatever time you want. All over the world businesses are adopting mobile technology for a simple reason that it quickly and conveniently connects with their audiences. But, you need a reputed mobile application services company to get an appropriate app which serves your purpose.
    According to Statista, the total revenue for the mobile app market worldwide in 2016 was 88.3 billion USD, which is expected to touch 188.9 billion USD by 2020. These figures and their growth pattern have a story to tell, and the fact of the matter is that you just cannot avoid mobile apps if you have to remain relevant in business.
    And, things are not any different in Dubai as well. After all, the mobile app industry, according to experts in the GCC region is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.1%, which is expected to generate revenue of 741 million US dollars in 2017, (Statista).

    What is a mobile app?

    A software application, which is designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are known as mobile apps. They are normally made available to you through the app stores, which are run by the mobile operating system of different companies.

    Why businesses need a mobile app?

    The online revolution has changed the rules of the game for businesses, and smartphones and mobile apps have taken it a step further. You can now access, shop and order anything and everything from your phone. Whether you are in your bed, eating out at a restaurant, or moving in a train or a bus, you now have the power to shoot from your hand at your own sweet will.
    No doubt, it has become more difficult and competitive than ever before to improve your customer’s experience and their levels of satisfaction. And, businesses are quick to realise this, and have taken to mobile apps to reach out to their consumers and improve their experience.

    Why your business requires a mobile application services company?

    There are several mobile application development companies in GCC region. But, it is not all that easy to get a mobile application services company in UAE, which offers total mobility solution to your business. You have to be careful when it comes to selecting a mobile application services company in Dubai.
    After all, there is no point in hiring two or three individuals/ companies for one job – one for business analysis, other for developing the app, and the third for quality assurance and/ or maintenance support. But, when you hire a mobile application services company, you get end-to-end mobile solution, which means you get all the amenities under one roof.
    These are the reasons why your business needs a mobile application services company:

    They assess your business requirements and create an app strategy for your company –A successful mobile app solution primarily rests on the following – understanding your business needs, app development tools, support services and app portfolio. In order to make your app business financially viable, you need to first have a clear cut app strategy.

    They have experienced and talented app designers – For your app strategy to be successful, you also need to have experienced and technically sound app designers, so that the app they develop are innovative and user friendly. Different mobile operating platforms have varied set of design requirements, and in order to make it work across platforms, you need experienced designers who are able to successfully reach out to your target audience.

    They also have professional and trained app developers – You also need skilled and professional app developers who can develop customised mobile app for your business. Whether you need a native app, or a hybrid app, they would develop it according to your requirement. Even if your requirement is cross platform mobile app development, it is not an issue with mobile application Services Company. When you hire a reputed mobile application services company, you can expect to get developers who develop ingenious mobile app for your business.

    They are the ones who would be responsible for marketing your app – Without a sound app marketing plan, your mobile app business would not serve you much purpose. When you invest so much in the development of an app, then you would also want a good ROI on the amount you spend. For this to happen you need to market your app properly and a mobile application Services Company would do this efficiently for you.

    They are also responsible for the maintenance and support of your app – The job of a mobile application services company would not end after the development of the app. After all, you would need constant support once the app is deployed. For a glitch free experience for you and your customers, you require regular support and maintenance from the company who is developing the app.
    If you are planning to hire a mobile application services company in Dubai, just get in touch withvStacks Software Solutions who have been in the business of app development since the time of its inception, which is 2008.
    From strategic planning, providing mobile consultancy, UX/UI mobile designing and development of the mobile app to testing of the app, its launch, marketing and technical support, vStacks Software Solutions is one company that provides end-to-end mobile solution for your business.
    vStacks Software Solutions has trained and professional designers and developers who can develop customised mobile app for your business giving you the required edge over your competitors.