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    Businesses remain in business because of their customers. It is therefore extremely vital for businesses to keep their customers in good humor. But managing customer relationship is not an easy task. Customers these days are smart, aspirational, intelligent, demanding, and impatient. If you don’t look after the interests of your customers, they will not think twice before leaving you for good. Hence, to improve the customer experience, businesses all over the world are embracing technology and things are not any different in the UAE. And, one tool that helps manage customer relationships effectively for businesses is CRM software. However, all CRMs are not the same. You need the best for your business. So, if your business is based out of Dubai, then you should be using the best CRM software in Dubai to manage your customer relationships effectively. But with so many CRM software flooding the market, it becomes difficult for businesses to select the best CRM software in Dubai.

    That is where eZnet CRM comes into the picture. Coming from the stable of vStacks Software Solutions, eZnet CRM is a widely used tool that has proved its worth in the market all over the world, including the UAE.

    When it comes to a CRM system, it is important for businesses to buy the best CRM software, but it is equally vital to do a background check of the company that is offering the tool.

    With over two decades of experience in the software industry, vStacks Software Solutions is always at the forefront of delivering innovative technologies to businesses around the world. Also, we have global exposure (we have offices in Dubai, US, UK, and India) which helps us to understand what businesses need in different verticals.

    eZnet CRM is a cloud-based CRM which is successfully being used by businesses globally across all verticals.

    What is a CRM?

    CRM or customer relationship management is a software that helps manage a company’s interaction with all their current as well as potential customers. The software uses data analysis of customers’ history with a company which helps improve business relationships with clients resulting in customer retention that drives sales.

    eZnet CRM is enterprise software that has a broad set of applications which help businesses manage employees, vendors, and partner relationships. The CRM software is also used to streamline and automate business operations and manage customer data and customer interaction.

    How to evaluate CRM software?

    It is important for businesses who are planning to buy a CRM system to know how to evaluate CRM software. There are various factors to consider while evaluating a CRM, and some of them are:

    • It is vital for businesses to know the return on investment the CRM they are planning to buy will generate for them.
    • You also need to know whether the CRM you are planning to buy is user-friendly or not.
    • It is also crucial for you to know whether the software is customizable or not.
    • Lastly, you need to find out the kind of vendor support that is on offer.

    Why should you use eZnet CRM?

    If you want the best CRM software in Dubai for your business, you should start using eZnet CRM. Here are the reasons why eZnet CRM is the best CRM software in Dubai for your business:

    • It is User-friendly – The first thing you need to make sure is that your employees should start using the software. But it is difficult for employees to adjust to software that is not easy to use. eZnet CRM is not just a user-friendly CRM, but it is also an intuitive software which is easy to use.
    • It is customizable – If the software that you are planning to buy cannot be customized to suit the requirements of your organization, then it is difficult for you to reap full benefits of the CRM system. But when you opt for eZnet CRM, you don’t have to worry about customization as we always offer a customizable solution to all our customers.
    • You get all the support – You can never ignore customer support. If the company you are planning to engage with does not offer adequate customer support, then it is a problem. Customer support is required not just during the implementation stage, but you also need it afterward. At vStacks Software Solutions, we understand the importance of responsive customer care. That is why we offer technical assistance and customer support round the clock to all our customers.
    • Competitive pricing – Pricing is crucial for companies both big and small. Our prices are not just competitive, but they are comparable to the best in the industry. You can generate the best return on investment from eZnet CRM which makes it the best CRM software in Dubai.If you are based out of Dubai, and you have not as yet started using CRM software, you are missing big time on opportunities. Start using eZnet CRM from now and manage your customer relationships effectively.