Best LMS Software Companies Of 2021

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    Businesses need to adopt emerging technologies to keep their workforce up-to-date, smart, and follow compliance norms. And one tool that has become a must-have for businesses of all sizes is a learning management system or an LMS. Yes, you need an LMS to keep your workers current on all the recent developments in your industry. Regardless of where you operate and the industry you belong to, an LMS can help impart quality learning and training to your target audience. But it is crucial to understand that all LMSs are not made equal. That is why you need to be careful when you set out to buy an LMS. With so many LMS companies out there in the market, how do you get to know the best LMS software company of 2021? A peep into the best LMS software companies of 2021 can give you a fair enough idea of what you should do when you plan to buy an LMS.

    At vStacks Software Solutions, we have always believed in empowering our audiences. We are a software development company based out of Dubai, and we serve our clients in the entire MENA region. Our product, eZnetLMS, has not just created a niche for itself in the MENA region, but it has also found acceptance worldwide.

    eZnetLMS is a cloud-based, enterprise-wide learning management system that can look after all your learning and training needs.

    However, before we get to the best LMS software companies, it is vital to know why businesses need an LMS and understand how to select the best LMS company for your organization.

    Why do businesses need an LMS?

    There are many reasons why businesses should start using an LMS. Here are some of the reasons why your business needs an LMS:

    1. An LMS can organize all your learning and training content in one place.
    2. It helps you follow all the compliance norms.
    3. It helps you save money and cost.
    4. It provides unlimited access to your learning and training materials.
    5. It allows you to expand your courses quickly.
    6. It personalizes your learning and training efforts.
    7. It helps you create individualized learning paths.
    8. It helps you track the progress of your learners.

    How to select the best LMS software company?

    When you set out to buy an LMS, it is crucial to assess your needs. Once you have assessed your needs, you need to keep in mind the following points:

    1. Experience of the LMS vendor
    2. Ease of use
    3. Features and functionalities on offer
    4. Integration capabilities
    5. Customization
    6. Scalability
    7. Maintenance and support
    8. Price

    Best LMS software companies of 2021

    Let us now have a look at some of the best LMS software companies who have their presence in the MENA region:

    Capytech – They can customize eLearning solutions for their clients. They develop interactive and rich multimedia content to facilitate student retention. They have plenty of experience in providing training to the military.

    Upside Learning – They are an eLearning provider offering custom eLearning, gamification, multi-device/ responsive eLearning, rapid eLearning, video & animation, performance support, translation & localization, onsite ID resources, and instructor-led training.

    Webanywhere – They offer internet learning and web solutions that cater to businesses, charities, education, and the public sector. They also offer customized Moodle solutions, are gold partners for TotaraLMS, and provide Learnanywhere LMS.

    New Horizons – They offer eLearning content and courses across the middle east. They specialize in delivering internet-based solutions to large organizations.

    NIIT – They offer managed training services and deliver eLearning platforms and eLearning content. They also have a SaaS-based LMS platform.

    vStacks Software Solutions – With plenty of experience in the software development industry, international exposure, and trained developers, they have the experience that allows them to deliver workable and smart LMS solutions for businesses in diverse verticals. Their product eZnetLMS is an easy to use, user-friendly, and intuitive platform that makes learning easy and fun. The solution comes with a range of features and functionalities that facilitates learning and training. In addition to web-based learning, they also offer gamification, mobile learning, and custom applications. They also assure robust data security and quick implementation.

    eZnetLMS can integrate well with most of your existing applications. You also have the option to get the solution customized to suit your requirements. Moreover, being a cloud-based LMS, you don’t have to worry about scalability. You can scale up or down your operations without any hassle.

    The company also offers adequate technical and customer support to all its clients.

    Price is another positive with eZnetLMS. The rates are extremely competitive, and they match the best in the industry.

    If you are looking for an end-to-end LMS solution, you should give eZnetLMS a try. Whether you need an LMS for employee training, classroom teaching, distance learning, or blended learning, eZnetLMS fits the slot perfectly for your organization. If LMS is what your company needs, you should get in touch with vStacks Software Solutions now.