Best ERP Software 2019

Technology contributes to the growth and development of organisations of all sizes in a big way. Whether it is a CRM, LMS, or HRMS, all are known to help organisations achieve their goals more smoothly and systematically. One such innovative technology that has helped businesses streamline their business operations is an ERP software. Regardless of where you do your business from, an ERP or enterprise resource planning software has several benefits for businesses of all sizes. But there are several ERP software available out there in the market. In case you want to reap the full benefits of the software, you should buy the best for your organisation. So, how do you select the best ERP software 2019 for your organisation? Selecting the best ERP software 2019 for your business is not an easy task. You need to know a few things about the leading ERP solutions in the market so that you can make up your mind and buy one that suits your needs.

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Here is a comparative study of best ERP software 2019 so that you can decide on which one you need to buy. However, before getting into the comparisons, here is what you need to know about the ERP software.

What is ERP software?

ERP is a complex suite of customisable applications that helps businesses integrate and manage all their important business processes. It (ERP) automates several of your back-office functions that are related to technology, human resources, and services. An ERP software integrates most of the facets of your business operations, which include development, product planning, sales and marketing, and manufacturing in one single place.

The reason why ERP software is getting so popular among businesses, both big and small, is because of its centralised approach to business processes. An ERP system can collect, store, manage, and interpret data from different business processes quickly and efficiently.

The ERP selection criteria….

It is important for businesses to know a few things about how to select the best ERP software for their business.

The first thing you need to do is evaluate the ERP options available in the market. And, make sure that the one you buy suits your needs.

  • Select an ERP solution that is mobile-friendly.
  • Decide on the type of ERP solution your organisation needs – Cloud, local, or hybrid.
  • Think about customisation and integration.
  • Get the right implementation partner.

The best ERP software 2019

Here is a list of best ERP software 2019 so that you can take an informed decision in selecting the best for your organisation.

Coral Business Solutions – Ideally suited for businesses in the mid-size segment. RealSoft from Coral comprises of different modules, which helps improve business processes. Finance, trading, manufacturing, pharmacy, job costing, real estate, contracting, etc. are all included in these modules. Can be used for businesses in most of the verticals.

ExpandERP – It is a customisable ERP solution that suits the needs of manufacturers and exporters. A cloud-based solution, ExpandERP helps automate business processes of manufacturers and exporters. You can customise the software to suit your needs in the manufacturing and export units.

First Bit – It is a solution that is specifically designed to suit the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. It has a simple interface and can be used for sales, payroll and HR apps, finance, inventory and warehouse management, CRM, manufacturing, purchasing, etc. They also provide customer support.

Astral Manufacturing ERP – It is a manufacturing ERP solution that can take care of all your procurement and dispatch needs. It is an ERP solution that can track your suppliers, materials, production costs, and can also help maintain customer relationships. The software also helps you plan and execute your manufacturing projects.

Pact ERP – It is an ERP solution that is designed for small and mid-sized businesses. It is a customisable and scalable solution that helps you run your business smoothly.

eZnet ERP – Coming from the stable of vStacks Software Solutions, eZnet ERP is an ERP solution that is being used by businesses all over the world. It is an ERP solution that is successfully being used by businesses of all sizes and types. eZnet ERP is a customisable and scalable solution that help businesses drive efficiency, lower overhead costs, and increase overall productivity. eZnet ERP has a simple and easy to use interface, which integrates well with all your existing applications. It is a cloud-based solution that allows you to streamline all your business processes, increases your overall productivity, and improves your revenues. It is a centralised platform that allows you to store, collect, manage, and interpret data from different business processes. With eZnet ERP, you don’t have to worry about technical and customer support – you get all the assistance. The solution is cost-effective, and it ranks high on the functionality front.

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