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    Employees these days are extremely particular about their professional development. If you don’t provide ample professional development opportunities to your employees, it is difficult for them to stick around for long. Employee retention is a big challenge for organisations, both big and small. So, what should you do to improve employee retention? Training is the best way to keep your employees professionally satisfied and engaged, and it also helps improve employee retention. Thanks to the innovative technologies, you now have an LMS or learning management system that can help deliver high-quality training courses for your employees without any problem. You need an LMS for corporate training that delivers high-class course content to your employees. With an LMS for corporate training, you can look after all the training needs of your employees and keep them satisfied on the professional front. But with plenty of LMSs to choose from, how do you select the best for your organisation.

    The LMS you buy should be user-friendly, intuitive, feature-rich, and customisable so that it suits your requirements.

    You don’t have to worry about an LMS for corporate training when you have eZnetLMS around. eZnetLMS is an LMS for corporate training developed by vStacks Software Solutions. A software development company, vStacks Software Solutions, is based out of Dubai, UAE. We have ample experience (20+ years) in the software industry, and we know what it takes to deliver an effective LMS solution.

    eZnet LMS is a cloud-based enterprise wide application which manages your entire workforce through an all-inclusive solution.

    What is LMS for corporate training?

    A corporate learning management platform is designed to deliver a range of online training courses. From employee onboarding resources to workshop courses and hybrid variants, you can use the tool for the effective delivery of training content. An LMS solution allows you to collect all the training data and metrics of every learner and helps you create the most effective learning environment for your employees. With an LMS in place, you can perform skills gap analysis with pre-testing, pick up the difficulty your employees face in the learning curve, and change your course content to meet their requirements. You can also evaluate your employee’s performance with posts-course tests and metrics.

    An LMS allows you to deliver training programs to a large captive audience. It also allows you to track, monitor, and report the performance of every member of your group. Also, with an LMS, you can develop customisable training courses for your employees.

    Why you should select eZnetLMS as your corporate training partner?

    The LMS solution you choose should help you resolve all your training problems. Some of the reasons why you need to select eZnetLMS are:

    eZnetLMS is a user-friendly and intuitive solution – There is no point in associating with an LMS solution that is difficult to use. If your employees find it difficult to use the system, how will they benefit from it? Hence, it is vital to choose a solution that is easy to use and intuitive. And, eZnetLMS is not just a user-friendly solution, but it is intuitive as well.

    eZnetLMS is high on functionalities – The LMS solution you select should have all the major functionalities like online progress assessment, course development abilities, multimedia capabilities, and personalisation skills. With eZnetLMS in place, you can achieve all your compliance issues, and it also allows you to get user feedback.

    You get all the support system – You need to associate with an LMS solution that guarantees support at all times. At vStacks Software Solutions, we understand the importance of customer support. From technical support to training and everything else, we offer support to all our customers.

    It is a scalable solution – Your LMS platform should be scalable. You cannot switch to a different LMS after every few years. When you opt for a solution like eZnetLMS, you don’t have to worry about scalability. All you have to do is make a phone call, and your LMS operations can be scaled up or down without a problem.

    It integrates with other systems conveniently – You cannot change all your existing applications to accommodate one new software. When you opt for a solution like eZnetLMS, you don’t have to worry about integration. eZnetLMS can integrate well with all your existing applications.

    It is a customisable offering – It is important to associate with an LMS solution that is customisable. We can customise our offering to the last thread. We can customise eZnetLMS so that it suits your training needs.

    We offer competitive pricing – Every organisation is sensitive to the issue of pricing. But when you are dealing with a company like vStacks Software Solutions, you don’t need to worry about pricing. Our prices are not just competitive, but it is comparable to the best in the industry.

    If you are looking for an LMS for corporate training, you can get in touch with vStacks Software Solutions now. eZnetLMS can keep your training needs covered on all the fronts.