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    Saudi Arabia’s education market is growing at a rapid pace. And, the LMS is playing a pivotal role in shaping the education industry. From primary education to higher education and coaching institutes to corporate training, every school, college, university, and corporate worth its name in the market is now using an LMS to deliver effective course content to its audience. The advent of LMS into the learning and development vertical has changed the way we teach and impart education these days. It has made learning more interesting, engaging, and effective. However, to make the most of your LMS, it is vital to select the top LMS company in Saudi Arabia. But when you have so many LMS vendors in the market, how do you select the top LMS company in Saudi Arabia. Unless you make an informed decision in selecting the LMS, it is tough to reap all the benefits of the LMS. That is why evaluating an LMS is such a critical step.

    But when you have a company like vStacks Software Solutions in the MENA region, you should not bother about finding a reliable LMS service provider in Saudi Arabia. vStacks Software Solutions is a software development company headquartered in the USA. Our LMS, eZnet LMS, is a cloud-based enterprise-wide application that can manage your learners through an all-inclusive solution.

    We have always believed in making things easy and simple for our readers so that they can make informed decisions in selecting the best software.

    What is an LMS?

    An LMS is a tool used for administration, documentation, reporting, tracking, automating, and delivery of course content like educational courses, training programs, or other learning and development programs to a captive audience. A learning management system not only delivers course content to the learners in the field of education, but it also plays an effective role in student management, academic management, exams and attendance management, and accounting activities.

    How to evaluate an LMS

    LMS evaluation is a significant step that needs a lot of deliberation. If you choose the wrong LMS for your school, college/ university, or coaching institute, it can hamper the growth and development of your learners. If your LMS doesn’t fit your scheme of things, you might have to change the software, which is a costly and time-wasting exercise that may reflect poorly on your organization.

    Here is an LMS evaluation checklist that you should try to adhere to while selecting an LMS:

    1. Check out the design and layout of the LMS – The LMS should have an intuitive and simple interface. It should be user-friendly as well. Your learners should be able to access the course material with minimal clicks.
    2. Make sure you get the features and functionalities you need – The LMS you buy should have the features and functionalities that you need.
    3. Make sure it offers content authoring tools – Those in the education vertical need to upload rich content for their learners. Hence, your LMS should offer effective content authoring tools.
    4. The LMS you buy should allow you to migrate your existing courses – Your LMS should also allow you to migrate your existing courses. It should have outstanding migration tools.
    5. Your LMS should have the capability to organize content – It should provide a framework to organise your content.
    6. Your LMS should offer seamless communication – It should have email, instant messaging, chat, and threaded discussion facilities.
    7. Your LMS should offer an archive facility – It should have potent archive tools that facilitate the automatic backup of completed courses.
    8. Your LMS should allow file exchange – It should allow file exchanges among students and teachers.
    9. The LMS should have robust reporting capabilities – Your LMS should offer comprehensive reporting tools.
    10. Your LMS should have the testing and assessment tools – Make sure your LMS offers testing and assessment tools so that you can conduct tests and assess your learners.
    11. The LMS should offer learning analytics
    12. Your LMS should have integration capabilities
    13. Your LMS should be scalable
    14. The vendor should offer adequate support – It is important to get adequate support. Make sure the vendor you opt for offers proper support as and when you need it.

    Why is vStacks Software Solutions the top LMS company in Saudi Arabia?

    A software development company, vStacks Software Solutions, is headquartered in the US with offices in the UK, the UAE, and India. We have more than two decades of experience in the software development industry. We have been at the forefront of delivering workable LMS solutions to clients in diverse verticals. Here are some of the reasons why vStacks Software Solutions is the top LMS company in Saudi Arabia:

    1. eZnetLMS is a user-friendly and intuitive LMS.
    2. We can customize our software to suit your requirements.
    3. eZnetLMS is a feature-rich LMS, which makes teaching and learning easy and simple.
    4. It offers robust reporting capabilities.
    5. It offers seamless communication.
    6. eZnetLMS can integrate well with most of your existing software
    7. It is a scalable solution.
    8. We offer round the clock customer support.
    9. We offer competitive pricing that matches the best in the industry.

    If you are a school, higher education institute, or coaching institute, you should get in touch with vStacks Software Solutions now for a free demo. Make learning easy for your learners.