Top LMS Software Companies Of 2020

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    LMS has completely changed the learning and development landscape. Organizations the world over are now embracing LMS to train their workforce and make them more efficient. With professional development overriding every other parameter among employees, it is incumbent upon the employers to provide the best training they can to retain smart talent. But with more than 1,000 LMS vendors out there in the market (most claiming to be better than the other), how do you select the best LMS for your organization. Regardless of your place of business operations, you need a reliable and smart LMS to keep your employees up to speed with training and compliance norms. It is, therefore, vital to know the top LMS software companies of 2020 so that you can make an informed decision about your LMS purchase. Being a responsible LMS service provider, vStacks Software Solutions has prepared a list of top LMS software companies of 2020 to help you get the best for your business.

    However, before listing down the top LMS software companies of 2020, let us try to understand the benefits of using a smart LMS solution and how to select the best LMS for your organization.

    Benefits of a smart LMS system

    • A smart LMS system organizes all eLearning content in one single space.
    • A smart LMS solution provides unlimited access to eLearning materials.
    • It allows you to expand your eLearning courses quickly and conveniently.
    • A reliable LMS software helps you track learner progress and performance without any problem.
    • A reliable LMS solution helps you reduce your learning and development costs.
    • An LMS helps you integrate social learning into your eLearning strategy.
    • A smart LMS software helps you reduce your learning and development time.
    • A smart LMS system keeps your organization up to speed with compliance norms.

    How to select the best LMS company for your organization?

    • Before you make a final decision, it is important to know how to select the best LMS company for your organization. Here is what you need to consider:
    • Your LMS should have a user-friendly interface.
    • Look for the features and functionalities that your organization needs.
    • The LMS you buy should be customizable to suit your needs, and it should integrate well your existing applications.
    • Don’t forget to consider technical and customer support the LMS provider is ready to offer.
    • Pricing is yet another factor that you need to consider.

    Top LMS software companies of 2020

    If you operate from the UAE, here is a list of top LMS software companies of 2020 that will help you to select the best for your business.

    • The Boston Group – The group delivers custom online content. It is a cost-effective platform that offers services in management training, employee induction, customer training, and salesforce training. They also have a course library.
    • Xpertlearning – Xpertlearning offers eLearning solutions to the corporate, government, and academic sectors. They have a huge content library and offer a variety of training solutions.
    • Zeus learning – Zeus learning is an eLearning company offering eLearning services like mobile and HTML5 development, product engineering, software simulation, content development, LMS, CMS, & TFI systems, animation tools, QA & testing facilities, and design & usability.
    • Human Logic – The group delivers eLearning solutions and services and offer Moodle planning, customization, implementation, integration, support, and training. They are also into content development, virtual classroom support, and eLearning courseware.
    • NIIT – NIIT is an eLearning company that offers managed training services. They develop eLearning platforms and content and offer a SaaS-based LMS platform.

    vStacks Software Solutions – The company has over twenty years of experience in software development. With offices in the UAE, India, the USA, and the UK, the company has adequate experience and exposure in delivering a smart and reliable LMS solution to clients in almost all the verticals. It offers a user-friendly experience, and the platform is feature and functionality packed that is essential for the overall development of your employees. They offer web-based learning, mobile learning, gamified

    learning, custom applications, and content development. Also, with plenty of experience, they offer quick implementation and robust data security. If you are looking for an end-to-end LMS solution, then their platform eZnet LMS is the right software for your business. From corporate training to classroom teaching and blended learning, eZnet LMS is a solution that can meet all your organizational needs. Whether it is instructional design, content courseware development, or consultancy, they can deliver custom eLearning solutions to businesses, both big and small.

    eZnet LMS is cloud-based software, which is widely being used by corporates across the world. It can also integrate well with most of your existing applications. The company offers adequate technical and customer support to all its customers.

    The company also has a transparent pricing structure, and its price is comparable to the best in the industry. If you want an LMS solution that meets all your organizational needs, you should get in touch with vStacks Software Solutions now.