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    SEO (search engine optimization) is a technique that helps you conquer the world of the internet if you have a website. It is the method which helps you increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your site through organic search engine results.

    SEO is a combination of lot many things, and some of them include the number of words on your page, PPC ads, local directory submissions, how other websites link from and to your website, etc.

    The internet is a fascinating place no doubt, but it has changed the rules of the game for doing business in the modern times. It is difficult to survive if you don’t have an online presence. But, just having a website on the internet does not guarantee you success. You have to tirelessly work towards formulating a strategy that helps your website rank among the top in the search engine rankings. And, search engine optimization or SEO helps you do just that, and it does it with finesse.

    If you are stationed in and around Dubai and have a website which is not giving you the desired results, you need to get in touch with a company that helps you climb the search engine rankings. And, an SEO company in Dubai that can help your website achieve all of this and more is vStacks Software Solutions.

    An SEO company based out of Dubai, vStacks Software Solutions is a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.

    With offices in the USA, India, and UAE, we have been serving the clients all over the world. Our technical expertise, knowledge, exposure, and experience allows us to formulate an impressive SEO strategy for your website so that your site ranks among the top in the search engine rankings.

    Why is SEO so important for your website?

    If you have an online presence, be it in the form of a website, blog, or an eCommerce store, one thing that can help your business grow is a smart SEO strategy.

    Almost two-thirds of the visitors do not take the trouble of going to the second page of the search engine results page or SERP. You can now understand the relevance and importance of search engine rankings. And, SEO is the gateway to reach the top. If your website ranks among the top in the search results, you are bound to do brisk business.

    Good SEO practices cannot just improve your search engine rankings, but it also enhances user experience and usability of your website.

    If you rank higher (or on the first page) on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, it increases your trustworthiness.

    Search engine optimization is also effective for the social promotion of your website. Those who find your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are likely to promote your site on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

    Above all, if you want to stay ahead of your competition, you should have a smart SEO strategy in place. For example, if two eCommerce stores are selling the same stuff, the one that is search engine optimized would get more customers and sell more than the one which lags behind in SEO technique.

    Hence, it is very difficult to climb the search engine ladder without a proper SEO strategy in place.

    How does SEO work?

    Many people wonder why their website is not giving them the desired results and why aren’t they getting the traffic they deserve? All the big-ticket search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing improve and update their technology to crawl the internet in depth for better results. An index is prepared with the result the crawlers bring in. An algorithm is, then applied to the index that matches the data with the query you type on the search engine.

    How does vStacks Software Solutions help you?

    We use traditional SEO and combine it with social media marketing which gives you the results you are looking for in generating quality traffic. You do not have to work only on getting inbound links; you also need to have a strategy in place for social media. Social media these days is playing a vital role in bringing high-quality traffic to your website. We devise a comprehensive strategy that can work wonders for the ranking of your website.

    Local SEO is important to businesses as they help businesses promote their products and services in the local market. We prepare a solid local SEO strategy for your business so that you generate the kind of traffic you want.

    We couple search engine marketing (SEM) with a robust SEO strategy which helps generate a lot of traffic for your business. We use Google AdWords, which helps website as well as your advertisement to rank higher on the search result.

    We also use on-site as well as off-site techniques to improve your search engine rankings.

    We would also make your website SEO friendly and develop content that will help your website rank higher in the search engine rankings.

    If you are in and around Dubai and you want to enhance your online presence, get in touch with vStacks Software Solutions. We will make sure that you get what you deserve.