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    A lot has changed in the learning and development landscape after the advent of modern technologies. Thanks to LMS or learning management systems, both teaching and learning have become more accessible. An LMS not only makes it easy to impart training (read teaching), but it also helps students learn at their own pace. Irrespective of the place you do your business from, it is important to use an LMS solution to impart quality training and learning lessons to your employees (or to students in case you belong to an educational institute). In case you are based out of Dubai, UAE, and you want to reap the full benefits of an LMS, you need to get a reliable, experienced, and professional LMS provider. But with so many LMS providers out there in the market, it is not easy to select the best LMS provider for your business. You should weigh your options carefully and select the best for your business.

    However, with vStacks Software Solutions, you don’t need to worry about a reliable and professional LMS provider. A software development company, vStacks Software Solutions is based out of Dubai, and we have been serving our clients across the UAE for a long time now. Our LMS offering, namely, eZnetLMS, has not just been widely accepted in the local UAE market, but it has also been internationally recognised as one of the most user-friendly and intuitive LMS. With international exposure and over two decades of experience in the software industry, we know what it takes to deliver a quality LMS solution.

    A cloud-based application, eZnetLMS, is an all-inclusive solution that can manage your entire workforce pretty efficiently.

    What is an LMS?

    An LMS is a software application that is used to organise, implement, assess, and track a specific learning process. With an LMS in place, you can deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess their performance without wasting time.

    An LMS is a tool used to deliver course content, be it training programs or educational courses, to a captive audience. You can use an LMS to create, organise, manage, assess, and track eLearning courses.

    What you need to look for in an LMS provider?

    Selecting the best LMS for your organisation is not an easy task. You need to consider a lot of things before settling for an LMS service provider. There are two aspects that you need to consider when you set out to buy an LMS solution. You need to assess your needs internally and then turn to the service provider.

    To start with, you need to determine your L&D objectives so that you are clear as to what you have to achieve.

    Next, while evaluating an LMS, make sure that you consider the skills of your L&D team.

    Also, ensure that you assess your existing L&D strategy. Take your L&D staff’s feedback and assess your technical considerations and limitations.

    Apart from assessing your needs and requirements, you also need to assess the LMS service provider carefully.

    Experience – it is important to check out the experience of the service provider you are planning to hire. When you hire a company like vStacks Software Solutions, you don’t have to worry about experience and exposure. We have plenty of experience and exposure, and we know what it takes to deliver an excellent LMS solution.

    Features and functionalities – It is vital to look out for the features and functionalities that are important for your business. When you opt for eZnetLMS, you don’t have to worry about features and functionalities. eZnetLMS is high on features and functionalities. Also, we are capable of customising your solution to suit your needs.

    Support services – This one is extremely important. It is vital to get round the clock customer support. At vStacks Software Solutions, we understand that your business is important to you, so we provide 24X7 customer support to all our clients. From technical support to maintenance issues, our trained staff is ready to help you out anytime during the day or night.

    Scalability – It is difficult to change your service provider in a couple of years. If the LMS service provider you hire does not offer scalable solutions, then it is a problem. Our LMS solution is scalable, and all you need to do is give us a call to scale up your operations.

    Security – Data security is extremely important to corporates around the world. If an LMS service provider is unable to keep your data secure, then it is a big issue. At vStacks Software Solutions, we understand the importance of data security and take all the precautionary measures to safeguard your proprietary content.

    Demo – It is also important to find out whether the service provider you are planning to hire offers a free demo or not. At vStacks Software Solutions, we understand the importance of free demo. That is why we are ready to offer a free demo to all our customers.

    Price – Pricing is also a vital consideration for companies, both big and small. Our prices are competitive, and it matches the best in the industry.

    If an LMS provider is what you are looking for, you should get in touch with vStacks Software Solutions now.