Android App Development


With the rise in smartphones across the world, businesses need to have a mobile-first strategy in place if they want to remain relevant in today’s times. But a mobile-first strategy does not start and end with just a mobile-friendly website. What you also need is a mobile app. Yes, a mobile app is essential these days to foster strong customer relationships. And, to get a feature-rich and functional app, you need a reliable android app development company. However, with so many android app development companies out there in the market, how do you select the best for your business.

To select the best android app development company, you need to carefully weigh your options. Let us, therefore, take you through how to select the best app development company for your organization. But before that, let us first try to understand why your business needs a mobile app.

Why do businesses need mobile apps?

Just as a mobile-friendly website is essential to increase awareness and boost traffic, a mobile app is vital to build customer relationships and develop customer loyalty.

It is a myth that mobile apps only help big businesses like Amazon and Walmart. The fact is it (mobile apps) helps small and midsize businesses in equal measure. Businesses these days, regardless of their size, prefer to have a dedicated mobile app of their own to make their marketing more effective.

As an entrepreneur, it is vital to know why your business needs a mobile app. Some of the reasons why your business needs an Android app are:

  1. A mobile app helps improve your visibility. People spend a lot of time on their mobile phones these days. Though most of us use only some of the apps on our phones, yet all of us have to unlock our device to access those apps. Having your app in between can improve your business visibility.
  2. A mobile app helps create a direct marketing channel. A mobile app is a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. If you have a mobile app, you can give your customers all the information you ever wanted to share with them. From sharing information, booking form, and accounts to the newsfeed and special sales and promotions, your mobile app is a direct marketing channel for your business.
  3. A mobile app helps improve customer loyalty. When you have a mobile app, you can communicate with your customers directly. It significantly
  4. improves customer engagement. The more you keep your customers engaged, the better are your chances of retaining those customers. You can introduce a reward points system through your app to cultivate customer loyalty.
  5. A mobile app helps improve your profits. The more you improve customer experience, the better are your chances of increasing your sales. And, the more you sell, the more you can earn.
  6. A mobile app helps improve brand recognition. When people look at your app and interact with you, it increases brand recognition.
  7. A mobile app helps improve customer engagement. With a mobile app in place, you can communicate effectively with your customers. And, the more you keep your customers engaged, the better are your chances of making a sale and retaining them.
  8. A mobile app helps improve customer service and support. If you want to improve your customer’s experience, you need to give them the best of services and support. A mobile app is a right channel that can allow you to help you solve your customer’s issues quickly and effectively.
  9. What to look for in an Android app development company?

To get all the benefits of a mobile app, you need to make sure that your mobile app is dependable, feature-rich, powerful, and secure. From visual effectiveness, design, and simplicity to backend coding, stability, and first-class functionality, a lot goes into making a mobile app.

  1. That is why you need a reliable android app development company. Here are some of the points you need to consider when you set out to hire one for your organization:
  2. Know your needs – Before setting out to hire a mobile app developer, it is crucial to first understand what you want. Try to figure out why you need an app and what you want it to do for you. If you know what you want, it will be easy to interact with the company you hire.
  3. Research properly before hiring a company – It is crucial to do your homework properly. Take the help of the internet to find out who can deliver the best app for your business. Check out the websites and reviews of the companies you are planning to hire.
  4. Don’t overlook experience – Hiring a company with adequate experience will help you get the most out of your mobile app. You should never overlook the experience. If the company you are planning to hire has delivered excellent apps in the past, it can very well deliver it for you.
  5. Go through their portfolio – It is a good idea to go through the portfolio of the app development company. Through their portfolio, you can get to know what they have done in the past. It should give you a fair bit of idea about the company.
  6. Do check out the references – It is important to speak to some of the references. It gives you a good enough idea about the company you are planning to hire. You can get to know about the positives and negatives of the company.
  7. Fix a timeframe for completion – You should always hire a company that can deliver on its promises, and this includes the time they need to develop the app. You cannot endlessly wait for your app to go live. And, the company that cannot honour its commitment cannot be trusted.
  8. Communication is the key – Make sure you communicate freely with the company you hire. The company you hire should hear your needs, ideas, and suggestions with an open mind. The company you hire should not try to impose its will on you. During the app development process, there are a lot of issues to address. Communication is not just vital during the process of development, but it also crucial after your app is up and running. Hence, always ensure that there is no flaw in communication from either side.
  9. Never compromise on quality – It is vital not to compromise on quality. After all, you will not invest in app development every two years. Don’t fall for companies that give you heavy discounts on app development. Always remember that good quality comes at a cost. What you need to ensure is this – you need to get value for money.
  10. Don’t overlook quality assurance and maintenance – You need to understand that you will have to stick around with the company you hire for quite some time. Once your app is up and running, it will need regular updates, maintenance, bug fixing, and addition of features and functionalities. Hence, it is crucial to find out the kind of customer support and service the app development company is ready to offer. Always hire a company that has responsive customer care.

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