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    With competition on the rise, businesses need to utilize their resources properly to maximise their profits and stay relevant. To achieve this, you need to make sure that you efficiently manage your business processes. It is not all that easy to physically and manually manage your resources to streamline your business processes.

    But how do you ensure that your business processes are run efficiently?

    You need smart business management tools to make this happen. And, one of the tools that help you run your business processes efficiently is ERP software.

    Yes, you need an ERP software solution to manage your business processes efficiently. Regardless of the size of your business operations, you stand to gain a lot if you use an efficient ERP solution. An ERP solution facilitates the flow of information between all your departments, assimilates the information in one place, and helps you make an informed decision so that you run your processes efficiently and improve your profits.

    However, to get the most out of your ERP system, you need to make sure that you choose the right ERP software solution.

    Let us take you through what you need to consider so that you select the best ERP solution for your business. But before getting there, let us try to understand what is an ERP solution and the benefits of an ERP solution.

    What is an ERP solution?

    An ERP software solution is a set of applications that helps businesses organise and streamline their business operations. It automates your back-end processes like HR, production, customer support & services, technology, etc., thereby improving the functioning and efficiency of your organisation.

    An ERP software solution helps integrate your day to day activities by sharing and coordinating data from different verticals within your organisation in real-time. It improves the functioning of your organisation because it brings all the relevant data on one single platform, which allows you to make an informed decision in real-time.

    It allows you to make decisions on facts and figures because you have hard facts in front of your eyes.

    Benefits of an ERP solution

    • An ERP software solution offers several benefits to businesses, both big and small. Some of the major benefits of an ERP solution includes:
    • An ERP solution provides real-time data and information.
    • It improves collaboration.
    • It gives you a 360-degree view of your business operations.
    • It helps improve productivity.
    • It simplifies reporting and allows you to send quotes instantly.
    • It improves your customer service.
    • It offers seamless integration.
    • It improves your overall efficiency, reduces your operational costs, thereby helps improve your profits.

    How to select the best ERP solution for your business?

    If you want to get the most out of ERP solution, you need to make sure that you select the ERP software solution carefully. Some of the important things to consider when selecting an ERP solution for your business include:

    • Assess your needs and evaluate the ERP options carefully – It is vital to assess your needs first. You need to know what you want your ERP solution to deliver. For that to happen, you have to assess your needs properly. Make a list of your requirements. After assessing your needs, you need to do a bit of research. With so many options available in the market, it is your research that will help you pick the right solution for your business. With a list of requirements in hand, you can easily shortlist some ERP options for consideration.
    • Consider the deployment type – on-premise or cloud – Another important consideration is the type of deployment option you want for your business. You can opt for an on-premise ERP system or take a cloud ERP solution. Both have their pros and cons. But a vital consideration for most of the businesses is the price, and cloud ERP solutions are much cheaper than on-premise ERP systems. On-premise ERP systems require huge initial investments.
    • Consider mobility – It is important to consider mobility in today’s time. Whether your organisation has adopted BYOD or not, it is vital to select an ERP solution that offers mobility. While it is crucial to select an ERP that is mobile-ready, it is also important to consider that the ERP solution you select offers robust security features. You need to make sure that all your sensitive data is encrypted and secure.
    • Think about integration and customisation – You, of course, cannot forget about integration and customisation. Make sure you buy an ERP system that integrates well with most of your existing applications. It is not a feasible option to change all your applications just to accommodate one application. Hence, always look for an ERP system that integrates well with your existing applications. Also, you need to ensure that the solution you select can be customed to suit your needs and requirements. Your needs and requirements can change with time. Therefore, you also need to ensure that you select a system that can be customised to suit your changing needs.
    • Don’t forget your budget – It is also vital to consider your budget. Money is an important consideration for organisations, both big and small. You need to consider the return on investment your ERP solution will bring for your organisation. You need to consider the implementation, installation, and maintenance costs that you have to pay for the solution.
    • Select the right implementation partner – It is crucial to select the right implementation partner. If you don’t select the right implementation partner, it is difficult to roll out and adopt the solution seamlessly. A right implementation partner can provide you with a skilled resource set to smoothen your transition. 

      If you want a reliable ERP solution for your business, you should get in touch with vStacks Software Solutions now. Our ERP offering, eZnetERP, is a cloud-based ERP solution that is easy to use and mobile-ready. eZnetERP can be customised to suit your needs. Also, eZnetERP can integrate well with most of your existing applications. Our solution is scalable and competitively priced. You can contact us for a free demo and a free trial today.


    6 Reasons Why Your Organisation Needs An ERP Solution


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      Mid-size companies with accurate and real time info of day-to-day operations can make wiser decisions, which allows them to bring down their operating cost by as much as 23% and reduce their administrative costs by 22% (Aberdeen group).
      A little knowhow of the functionalities of an ERP software solution, and you will be compelled to use it for your organisation. However, many mid-size and small organisations consider that ERP solutions are meant to benefit only big companies, a misconception that is far from the truth. Also, some business owners believe that they can very efficiently manage operations that are small in magnitude, but if you notice carefully the figures above, they have a different story to tell. ERP software solutions are as much for big companies, as they are for mid-sized and small organisation.

      What is an ERP solution?

      So what exactly is ERP or enterprise resource planning all about? An ERP software gives you real time company data which allows you to base your decisions on facts and figures rather than the rule of thumb. It is a set of applications that help you to manage your organisation more methodically. It streamlines and automates your business operations and processes including technology, services and human resources to improve efficiency of your establishment.

      6 reasons why your organisation needs an ERP solution

      It would not be wrong to say that the benefits of embracing an ERP system outweigh the time, money and energy you spend on implementing the software into your organization. Here are 6 simple, yet compelling reasons why your company should be using an ERP software, sooner rather than later.

      1. You get real time data, which improves your decision making.
        Most often companies base their decision making on precedence, rule of thumb or gut feel, as actual information is either not available or comes in late. But, with an ERP system in place you are able to take decisions based on real time data. This significantly improves the quality of decision making, which can save you money and increase customer satisfaction.
      2. It improves customer satisfaction.
        If you think an ERP software is only to integrate internal processes, you are wrong. It also helps in keeping your clients satisfied. From producing leads to acquiring new customers, including their retention and support, an ERP solution helps you all the way through in the customer lifecycle. When you look after your customers well, keep your promises and deliver on time, then there is no reason to worry, you are on the path of success.
      3. ERP solution increases the productivity of your organization.
        An ERP software increases operational efficiency and saves time by eliminating duplication of work, and this in turn increases productivity. It improves the efficiency of your workforce that enhances profitability of your organization.
      4. It also benefits production and inventory management.
        An ERP solution can bring in a lot of improvement if your organisation uses inventory and has a production facility. It keeps you posted on exact production requirements. It also helps improve production and facilitates timely deliveries.
      5. It improves efficiency of your organisation.
        An ERP system increases the visibility of your daily operations and it becomes easier for you to get hold of various reports, as and when you want them. From customized reports and statement of expense to shipment order and income statements, you can get all the information at super-fast speed. This improves your decision making which in turn increases the efficiency of your organization.
      6. You can save a lot of money for your organisation.
        From supply chain management, product development and IT, HR to management, an ERP system integrates your business processes, which increases the cost efficiency of your company. An ERP software eliminates duplication of effort as everyone works on the same system saving your organization money and time. Also, you don’t need to train users on different systems which improves cost savings further. Moreover, an ERP system improves your day-to-day operations that lets entrepreneurs take smarter decisions, saving you a lot of money.

      The extent of benefits ERP software solutions can provide are enormous. It is time you shift to a new and modern eZnetERP that takes your business to newer heights.

      eZnetERP, a product from vStacks Software Solutions, is a cloud based application that provides 24X7 expert support so that you can focus on the growth and development of your business.

      eZnetERP gives a 360-degree overview of your organisation, which improves your decision making and increases your company’s efficiency.