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    With customers becoming intelligent and smarter by the day, businesses need to do everything they can to keep them happy and satisfied. If you don’t provide excellent customer experience, it is difficult for you to survive in this fiercely competitive business environment.

    So, what should businesses do to improve customer experience?

    You need to take the help of technology. And, when we talk of technology, one tool that helps businesses tide over most of their customer’s woes is the CRM system.

    Yes, it is vital these days for businesses to use CRM software. If you want to look after the interests of your customers and do well in the world of business, you need to use a CRM system.

    But to get the best out of your CRM system, you need to choose the right CRM software for your business.

    So, how do you select the best CRM software service for your business?

    Let us take you through what you should consider when choosing a CRM vendor. But before getting there, let us find out what CRM software can do for your business.

    Why do businesses need CRM software?

    CRM software is known to build and maintain strong relationships with current and future customers. But CRM software is much more than just a simple contact management system. It helps businesses manage sales, marketing, point-of-sale transactions, business partners, and other operational data.

    • A CRM system helps you keep track of all your customer interactions.
    • CRM software helps fine-tune your sales and marketing efforts.
    • It allows you to sell more products and services.
    • It helps you find and keep new customers.

    How to choose the right CRM for your business – what to consider?

    Before you get down to shortlisting CRM software service providers, it is important to evaluate your own needs. Think about who all will use the CRM, what is your budget, and other applications that you need to integrate with your CRM system. You need to have your goals and priorities well in place before you set out to buy a CRM system.

    Some of the things that you should take into account when choosing a CRM system are:

    • Choose the CRM deployment option – cloud vs. on-premise – The first thing you need to consider is the CRM deployment option. What do you want – cloud CRM or on-premise CRM. If you opt for a cloud-based CRM, you don’t need to buy a server. You also don’t need to have an IT infrastructure or team to manage your system. What you need is an internet connection, and all your data reside in the cloud. 

      When you opt for an on-premise CRM system, you need to buy the software. The server is physically hosted at your premises, and you need people to manage the system. The data in on-premise CRM is stored internally.While on-premise CRM requires a high upfront investment, cloud-based CRM is a much cheaper option.

    • Assess your features and functionality needs – Every business has its own set of unique needs. That is why you need to assess your needs carefully in terms of features and functionalities you want for your business. You don’t need to get fancy features just for the heck of it. It is always advisable to consider a scalable solution. Your CRM needs will grow as your business grows. That is why scalability is such an important parameter.
    • Don’t forget about user experience – Without a doubt, this is one of the most important aspects that you need to consider. Make sure that the CRM system you buy is an intuitive one and is easy to use. If the CRM solution you buy is difficult to use, you will not be able to achieve much out of it. Ensure that the CRM system you buy has a friendly user interface so that your employees don’t run away from the system.
    • Think about integration – Integration is an important aspect; hence consider it carefully. You buy a CRM system so that it streamlines your business operations. But if it doesn’t integrate well with your existing applications, how will you streamline your business operations. Hence, always make sure that you buy a CRM system that integrates well with your existing applications like ERP solution, HR software, billing & e-commerce platforms to register transactions, your website, and your other marketing solutions.
    • It is always good to select an industry-specific vendor – If the vendor you select has worked with other companies in your vertical, it means they can better understand your requirements. Hence, it is important to select an industry-specific vendor.
    • Always request for a demo and take a free trial – Most reputed vendors will give you a live demonstration and subsequent free trial without any problem. It is important to take a free trial so that you know what is in store for you. During the demo, the vendor will take you through the important and salient features of the CRM. You can also clear all your doubts during the demo so that you are sure that you are buying the right system. When you use the trial version of the CRM, you can look at things like ease of use, functionality, and other specific features related to your business.
    • Don’t overlook customization and training – You should ensure that you buy a CRM solution that is customised to suit your business needs. If the CRM system is not customised to suit your business needs, it will not help you achieve much. 

      Training is also an extremely important aspect to consider. If you want your employees to use the CRM solution properly, you need to make sure that they get the proper training.Hence, it is always vital to select a CRM vendor who can customise the product to suit your needs and offer adequate training so that your employees can use the solution properly.

      If you are looking for a reliable CRM software service provider, you can get in touch with vStacks Software Solutions now. Our CRM offering, eZnetCRM, is an intuitive and user-friendly CRM that can be customised to suit business requirements in most of the verticals. Our solution is scalable and can integrate well with most of your existing applications. You can contact us for a demo and a free trial today.