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4 Ways Your Sales Team Can Achieve Their Sales Targets Using A CRM


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    Spending on information technology or IT in the Middle East and North Africa, or MENA, is expected to touch $155.8 billion in 2017, an increase of 2.4% over 2016, according to Gartner. This digital transformation is mainly being fueled by the cloud, customer relationship management or CRM, analytics, business intelligence and digital business and marketing.
    The CRM, or customer relationship management market in the Middle East is growing at a robust pace and is expected to sustain this growth for a pretty long time to come.
    Forrester Research has called this era as the “age of the customers”. Customers these days are not just smart, they are also more aware, informed, and yet impatient. Retaining your customers in today’s time requires a lot of effort on your part, not a mean task by any standards. Then, what is it that you can do, which would do justice to your clients? The only confirm recipe that significantly increases your customer’s satisfaction is using technology to the fullest, and this comes to you in the form a CRM system.

    Why companies embrace a CRM system?

    The prime reason why organisations adopt a CRM system is to empower their sales team, which needless to say is the backbone of your company. With a CRM system in place your sales team can organise themselves in a better way, which adds further value to your customers. Thus, how does a CRM system help your sales team perform better and save their time?

    4 ways a CRM system can help your sales team

    1. Always stay current and connected with everyone.
      CRM features like email integration, document templates and shared calendars keeps everyone in your team informed and connected. Also, you get to see which selling patterns work best for your line of product or service. Furthermore, it improves communication between your sales team and the management.
    2. You always stand to gain when you know what your clients want.
      Understanding the needs of your customers is always a smart decision, you stand to gain tremendously when you know their needs. When there are several customers to manage, understanding everyone’s need before you call them up is a difficult task. You probably have to waste a lot of your time to dig out the relevant information before making a call to your client? Going through each email and message anyways would take up a lot of your time. This is where a CRM system comes to your aid, it throws up the information you are looking for in seconds.
      A CRM system is the powerhouse of all your customer’s information. Stored in one single space and available for each member of your team, you can get all the details you are looking for without wasting any time. From their purchase history to their preferences, a CRM software provides you up-to-date details without any hassle and saves you sufficient time so that you can concentrate on other customers as well. You are also able to see all the past and present interactions that anybody in your company has ever had with the customer.
      This is how you are able to provide personalised service to your customers and do not be astonished to note that your clients are looking forward to it.
    3. It improves the productivity and efficiency of your sales force.
      There is a difference between slogging hard and working smartly. Relying on spreadsheets, business cards and notepads are things of the past now. With a CRM system in place you get a 360-degree view of all your customers, all the information pertaining to them is available in one single place. You do not have to look for leads anymore, it is there in front of you, and all of them good ones. This leaves you with sufficient time to concentrate on your sales call. No wonder then, it helps achieve your sales target much faster.
      A CRM system helps your sales force to streamline their daily schedule and set the right priorities. Also, none of your customers feel ignored and you are able to contact all your prospects on time, which increases the efficiency and productivity of your team.
    4. It saves you a lot of time.
      You do not have to waste your time searching for client information, as all your customer data is stored in one single location. You do not have to search all your messages and email to dig out one single info. Also, with cloud based CRM, you get the additional benefits of accessing client communication, task management, sales analytics and forecasts from anywhere and at any time, which your sales team can utilise effectively. This saves a lot of their time and they can focus on their primary job of selling. It is myth that sales people would have to waste their time in entering data in the CRM system, it is a misplaced notion at best.

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