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Why Is It Essential For Businesses To Hire Mobile Application Services Company In Dubai


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There is no doubt that the internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities for businesses across the globe. But, the actual revolution that has changed our lives is the advent of smartphones. It gives you the power to connect from wherever you are, and at whatever time you want. All over the world businesses are adopting mobile technology for a simple reason that it quickly and conveniently connects with their audiences. But, you need a reputed mobile application services company to get an appropriate app which serves your purpose.
According to Statista, the total revenue for the mobile app market worldwide in 2016 was 88.3 billion USD, which is expected to touch 188.9 billion USD by 2020. These figures and their growth pattern have a story to tell, and the fact of the matter is that you just cannot avoid mobile apps if you have to remain relevant in business.
And, things are not any different in Dubai as well. After all, the mobile app industry, according to experts in the GCC region is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.1%, which is expected to generate revenue of 741 million US dollars in 2017, (Statista).

What is a mobile app?

A software application, which is designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are known as mobile apps. They are normally made available to you through the app stores, which are run by the mobile operating system of different companies.

Why businesses need a mobile app?

The online revolution has changed the rules of the game for businesses, and smartphones and mobile apps have taken it a step further. You can now access, shop and order anything and everything from your phone. Whether you are in your bed, eating out at a restaurant, or moving in a train or a bus, you now have the power to shoot from your hand at your own sweet will.
No doubt, it has become more difficult and competitive than ever before to improve your customer’s experience and their levels of satisfaction. And, businesses are quick to realise this, and have taken to mobile apps to reach out to their consumers and improve their experience.

Why your business requires a mobile application services company?

There are several mobile application development companies in GCC region. But, it is not all that easy to get a mobile application services company in UAE, which offers total mobility solution to your business. You have to be careful when it comes to selecting a mobile application services company in Dubai.
After all, there is no point in hiring two or three individuals/ companies for one job – one for business analysis, other for developing the app, and the third for quality assurance and/ or maintenance support. But, when you hire a mobile application services company, you get end-to-end mobile solution, which means you get all the amenities under one roof.
These are the reasons why your business needs a mobile application services company:

They assess your business requirements and create an app strategy for your company –A successful mobile app solution primarily rests on the following – understanding your business needs, app development tools, support services and app portfolio. In order to make your app business financially viable, you need to first have a clear cut app strategy.

They have experienced and talented app designers – For your app strategy to be successful, you also need to have experienced and technically sound app designers, so that the app they develop are innovative and user friendly. Different mobile operating platforms have varied set of design requirements, and in order to make it work across platforms, you need experienced designers who are able to successfully reach out to your target audience.

They also have professional and trained app developers – You also need skilled and professional app developers who can develop customised mobile app for your business. Whether you need a native app, or a hybrid app, they would develop it according to your requirement. Even if your requirement is cross platform mobile app development, it is not an issue with mobile application Services Company. When you hire a reputed mobile application services company, you can expect to get developers who develop ingenious mobile app for your business.

They are the ones who would be responsible for marketing your app – Without a sound app marketing plan, your mobile app business would not serve you much purpose. When you invest so much in the development of an app, then you would also want a good ROI on the amount you spend. For this to happen you need to market your app properly and a mobile application Services Company would do this efficiently for you.

They are also responsible for the maintenance and support of your app – The job of a mobile application services company would not end after the development of the app. After all, you would need constant support once the app is deployed. For a glitch free experience for you and your customers, you require regular support and maintenance from the company who is developing the app.
If you are planning to hire a mobile application services company in Dubai, just get in touch withvStacks Software Solutions who have been in the business of app development since the time of its inception, which is 2008.
From strategic planning, providing mobile consultancy, UX/UI mobile designing and development of the mobile app to testing of the app, its launch, marketing and technical support, vStacks Software Solutions is one company that provides end-to-end mobile solution for your business.
vStacks Software Solutions has trained and professional designers and developers who can develop customised mobile app for your business giving you the required edge over your competitors.

Is Price The Only Benchmark While Evaluating A CRM Software Purchase


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As per Gartner, the governments in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region are expected to spend $11.6 billion in 2017 on information technology (IT) products and services.

Impressing customers is an age old tradition, and businesses try everything that is there in the book to make them happy. But, keeping all your customers in good humour can be a difficult task to accomplish, given their awareness and demands. However, with technology taking centre stage, businesses now have the option of keeping all their customers contented if they adopt a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Don’t forget that a CRM system increases the productivity of your sales team by 27 percent. But, deciding on which CRM to buy still remains a billion dollar question, as there are several vendors out there in the market trying to sell their product claiming it to be the best.

So, what is it that you should look for when you start evaluating a CRM purchase? What are the criteria which you ought to consider, and how do you zero in on the best CRM software for your business? But, before that let’s explore what a CRM system can do to your business.

This is what a CRM system does to your business

Choosing a perfect tool for your company requires a lot of deliberation on various fronts, more so when you know that it is going to be the backbone of your sales and marketing teams. Yes, a CRM software empowers you and your team members through which you can look after all your customers really well, and make them loyal to your brand or service. Moreover, it helps you convert your prospective leads into your customers, giving you a chance to make them your permanent patrons.

Is price the only benchmark while evaluating a CRM software purchase?

There are various considerations when it comes to selecting the right kind of a CRM software for your establishment. Of course, CRM software price are one of the most important consideration, but it should never become a hindering factor. As a company you need to plan your investments and do that judiciously as well.

Usually, CRM vendors these days charge their customers a fixed monthly or yearly price on a per user basis. Also, most of them have plans that suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. The amount of money you finally have to pay would depend on the number of users you sign up for and the functionalities you need. As it is, with the introduction of cloud based CRM systems, the prices have become more competitive and affordable making it possible for small companies also to avail these services. On the other hand, if you opt for an in house CRM system you will have to pay more for a single user license.

But, when negotiating on prices, do keep in mind what you are going to get in return for the amount you pay. From upfront cost to the long term implications of the amount you would have to pay in the longer run, research every bit of it. Also, remember that the CRM system you are purchasing integrates well with the existing IT infrastructure of your company.

Also, do keep in mind the ROI a CRM system would generate for your organisation.

Apart from the CRM software price, here are some of the other factors you should consider before finally going ahead and purchasing the system.

Make sure the CRM system you are purchasing is Easy to use – You need to buy an intuitive and user friendly CRM system for your organisation, one which is easy to use for your employees. A complicated CRM system is difficult to give you good results. Take your team members into confidence prior to making the final decision on its purchase. This would ensure that implementation of the software is smooth in your company.

Ensure that the vendor you select has sufficient experience in the software industry – An experienced vendor would make the process of implementing the CRM easy. Find out about the vendor from wherever you can, social media, your friends in the industry or both.

Also, find out how much support you would get from the vendor – Another important consideration is vendor support. How much support your vendor is ready to extend to you. During the implementation stages it is always better to have good customer care and support from the vendor because it eases the nerves of your staff. Though, it is always helpful if you get support after the implementation phase is over, either through phone, chat or email.

Scalability is another important criterion – You would not want to invest in a CRM system every few years, hence make sure that the software you select has the capacity to grow with you. Scalability is an important consideration because you should not expect your workforce to embrace change every few years. Also, it is not financially viable to buy a CRM software that would not allow you to grow in future.

In case you want a CRM software that is cost effective and easy to use, you should consider using eZnetCRM, a product from the repertoire of vStacks Software Solutions.

is scalable, which provides all its customers 24X7 technical support. It also manages your sales process, and all your customer needs pretty effectively.

Why Does Your Business Require Cloud Computing Services


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A reality, cloud computing is not an inflated balloon which is going to burst any time soon, it is a convenience for businesses across the globe, and this is here to stay. Offering several benefits like increased productivity, flexibility, and cost efficiency, cloud computing has given businesses the power to scale new heights compelling them to shift their operations to the cloud.

According to Gartner, the public cloud services market is expected to reach $1.2 billion in 2017 in the Middle East and North Africa region, an interesting upward swing, to say the least.

In one form or the other, cloud is already a part of our daily lives. From receiving and sending emails, listening to music, or online banking, you are part of the cloud revolution that has changed the landscape of information technology in the last one decade.

Cloud computing is no more a security concern for the corporates now, as several checks and balances are in place to safeguard your company information.

Types of cloud computing

The delivery of information technology services, or providing services like software, servers, analytics, storage, networking and databases, etc. via the internet is known as cloud computing. The companies that offer these services are referred to as cloud service providers, and the best part is you need to pay only for what you use.

Cloud computing allows you to run all your programs or applications via the internet, without the need of investing in the costly IT infrastructure. A boon for organisations starting off their operations, and also for those who are concerned about liquid funds.

There are three common types of cloud computing and these are:
Software as a service or SaaS
Platform as a service or PaaS
Infrastructure as a service, or IaaS

This is why your business requires cloud computing services

There was a time when cloud services were only patronised by big corporate houses and small businesses thought that there was nothing much in store for them. But, things have changed since then and even small companies are now benefitting from the cloud services in equal measure.

Some of the main reasons why your business need cloud computing are:

You stand to save a lot of money – Businesses, especially small and medium enterprises can do a lot more if they have liquid funds available with them during the initial stages of their operations. And, cloud computing gives them just that, the option to save huge amount of money. You do not need to buy costly machines or invest in hiring and managing a big IT team, or arrange for space to keep all those servers in your premises. With cloud computing you just pay for what you use, the services are on rent, you do not have to purchase it.

Also, there is minimum or no upfront cost involved when you shift your business to the cloud. It is therefore a cost effective option.

It allows you to keep your focus on your business – Managing an in house IT department takes away your precious time and attention. If you invest this time in your core competency, you can definitely take your business to a higher level, and that too at a faster pace. Cloud computing gives you the liberty to stay focussed on the development of your business. You have time to channelize your abilities in the right direction.

It is more reliable – Your customer data and company information needs to be protected at all costs. Even the best of systems and servers can crash if you do not invest in costly redundant systems. With completely adaptive disaster recovery, regular data backup and powerful machines/ servers, you can rest assure that your data is totally safe and secure. This also means that your business is continuously up and running without any significant downtime. You get all this and more with cloud computing, which is cost effective as well as reliable.

Cloud computing improves the productivity of your staff – Maintaining on premise datacenters requires constant attention of your in house IT team. But, when you move your operations to the cloud, it is the responsibility of the service provider to do all the regular maintenance work like software patching and setting up of the hardware. This gives your team sufficient time to accomplish other important business targets, which adds further value to your organisation.

Also, cloud computing is scalable – Many organisations start small, but grow as they move on, and their IT requirements also increase along the way. But, this does not mean that you invest in the hardware and software when you do not need them. Cloud computing is scalable, you only need to pay for what you use. Hence, as you grow your software and hardware requirements are well taken care of by the cloud.

Security is no more a concern – Losing tablets and laptops are a big issue, not because of the machine, but more due to the information you lose with them. But, with cloud computing you never lose any of your data, since all the information is in the cloud.

Cloud computing now offers strong password and multiple step verification so that your data remains completely safe.

If you have not moved your business to the cloud yet, get in touch with vStacks Software Solutions, a cloud computing Services Company that can take care of all your IT needs, effectively and efficiently.

With over two decades of experience in the software industry, vStacks Software Solutions is capable of handling all your cloud requirements.

4 Ways Your Sales Team Can Achieve Their Sales Targets Using A CRM


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Spending on information technology or IT in the Middle East and North Africa, or MENA, is expected to touch $155.8 billion in 2017, an increase of 2.4% over 2016, according to Gartner. This digital transformation is mainly being fueled by the cloud, customer relationship management or CRM, analytics, business intelligence and digital business and marketing.
The CRM, or customer relationship management market in the Middle East is growing at a robust pace and is expected to sustain this growth for a pretty long time to come.
Forrester Research has called this era as the “age of the customers”. Customers these days are not just smart, they are also more aware, informed, and yet impatient. Retaining your customers in today’s time requires a lot of effort on your part, not a mean task by any standards. Then, what is it that you can do, which would do justice to your clients? The only confirm recipe that significantly increases your customer’s satisfaction is using technology to the fullest, and this comes to you in the form a CRM system.

Why companies embrace a CRM system?

The prime reason why organisations adopt a CRM system is to empower their sales team, which needless to say is the backbone of your company. With a CRM system in place your sales team can organise themselves in a better way, which adds further value to your customers. Thus, how does a CRM system help your sales team perform better and save their time?

4 ways a CRM system can help your sales team

  1. Always stay current and connected with everyone.
    CRM features like email integration, document templates and shared calendars keeps everyone in your team informed and connected. Also, you get to see which selling patterns work best for your line of product or service. Furthermore, it improves communication between your sales team and the management.
  2. You always stand to gain when you know what your clients want.
    Understanding the needs of your customers is always a smart decision, you stand to gain tremendously when you know their needs. When there are several customers to manage, understanding everyone’s need before you call them up is a difficult task. You probably have to waste a lot of your time to dig out the relevant information before making a call to your client? Going through each email and message anyways would take up a lot of your time. This is where a CRM system comes to your aid, it throws up the information you are looking for in seconds.
    A CRM system is the powerhouse of all your customer’s information. Stored in one single space and available for each member of your team, you can get all the details you are looking for without wasting any time. From their purchase history to their preferences, a CRM software provides you up-to-date details without any hassle and saves you sufficient time so that you can concentrate on other customers as well. You are also able to see all the past and present interactions that anybody in your company has ever had with the customer.
    This is how you are able to provide personalised service to your customers and do not be astonished to note that your clients are looking forward to it.
  3. It improves the productivity and efficiency of your sales force.
    There is a difference between slogging hard and working smartly. Relying on spreadsheets, business cards and notepads are things of the past now. With a CRM system in place you get a 360-degree view of all your customers, all the information pertaining to them is available in one single place. You do not have to look for leads anymore, it is there in front of you, and all of them good ones. This leaves you with sufficient time to concentrate on your sales call. No wonder then, it helps achieve your sales target much faster.
    A CRM system helps your sales force to streamline their daily schedule and set the right priorities. Also, none of your customers feel ignored and you are able to contact all your prospects on time, which increases the efficiency and productivity of your team.
  4. It saves you a lot of time.
    You do not have to waste your time searching for client information, as all your customer data is stored in one single location. You do not have to search all your messages and email to dig out one single info. Also, with cloud based CRM, you get the additional benefits of accessing client communication, task management, sales analytics and forecasts from anywhere and at any time, which your sales team can utilise effectively. This saves a lot of their time and they can focus on their primary job of selling. It is myth that sales people would have to waste their time in entering data in the CRM system, it is a misplaced notion at best.

If you have not as yet started using a CRM system, it is time now to empower your sales team with eZnetCRM, a product from the stable of vStacks Software Solutions.

Easy to navigate, eZnetCRM is a cost effective proposition, which can solve all the requirements of your sales team.

eZnetCRM increases the productivity and efficiency of your sales team by providing a complete overview of all your customers and business as well.

5 Points To Consider When Hiring A web Design Company For Developing And Maintaining Your Website


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The net has changed the ways in which businesses these days conduct themselves. Whether you are in UAE, America or India, growing digitisation, internet penetration and mobile connectivity has diminished the borders and opened up the marketplace to a wider audience.
And, if you are a businessman based out of Dubai, but you still do not have your website, then you are losing on the online bonanza in a big way. Also, if you do have a website, but you are not getting sufficient number of visitors, then there is something wrong with your online strategy, you need to consider hiring a web design company that can develop and maintain a smart website for your business, which gives you the desired results.
Selecting a web design company for creating and maintaining your website is a crucial decision to make. You should carefully weigh your options, do some research on your own, and then finalise.
It is important to take note of these 5 tips when hiring a web design company for developing and upkeep of your website.

5 tips you should keep in mind when hiring a web design company

  1. There is no alternate to experience.
    It is important to look for an organisation, which is established and has ample experience in the web design industry. You can measure this from their number of years in operation, the portfolio they carry and the clients they work for. Always keep in mind your long term interest. Hence, a company that is professional, has stable business operation and can take care of your long term needs is what you should look for.
    Do not try to save money and hire an agency or an individual just because their services are comparatively economical. This most often than not will prove to be damaging to the success of your business.
    Also, ensure that the company you are dealing with is not outsourcing the job to a third party. Hence, the company that you engage with should have their own web developers, support staff and technical experts.
  2. Find out the kind of support they provide.
    Support is an important function which you cannot do without, and it is better that the terms are spelt out in advance. The company you hire should be able to provide timely, knowledgeable, reliable and cost effective support. Changes on the internet happen at a lightning fast speed, a professional help therefore is a must. From hosting to email and domain name to using the content management system, you might need their help at every step.
    It is always advisable to get support from the company that is designing your website.
  3. Always make your website mobile friendly
    Smartphone market not just in Dubai, but the world over, is growing at a fast pace. Many of your clients now view sites on their mobile devices as well. Make sure that the company you hire makes your website mobile friendly, a must for the success of your company.
  4. Find out in advance about the costing and timeline of your website.
    Based on your need, prices of websites can genuinely vary. The cost of your website would increase if you are looking for specific functionalities, or if the design is too intricate, or if the number of pages are more. But, everything in terms of what you have to pay, depending of course on your requirement, should be spelt out in advance.
    It is also very significant that before penning the agreement you ask the company whether they can meet your timeline. Being professionals they must honour what they commit.
  5. Make sure that you own the designs and content of your website.
    This is another important mistake which should be avoided. Again, before getting into a deal you need to ask them whether they are ready to hand over all the proprietary rights of the website to you. In case your company is looking for investment capital, you should be the owner of the content and design of the website.

Also, make sure that your website is on a CMS platform, so that you have access to the content. This will allow you to edit or update the website content as and when you want. A CMS software has a user friendly interface, which makes it easy for you to add or edit the content conveniently.

If you own a business, but do not have a website, or in case you are not getting sufficient number of visitors for your site, then you should instantaneously get in touch with vStacks Software Solutions now.

vStacks Software Solutions is a professionally managed web designing services company, which gives you 24X7 expert support. They have sufficient experience to meet all your web design needs.

At vStacks Software Solutions, we hand-hold you to harness the full potential of the internet.

6 Reasons Why Your Organisation Needs An ERP Solution


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Mid-size companies with accurate and real time info of day-to-day operations can make wiser decisions, which allows them to bring down their operating cost by as much as 23% and reduce their administrative costs by 22% (Aberdeen group).
A little knowhow of the functionalities of an ERP software solution, and you will be compelled to use it for your organisation. However, many mid-size and small organisations consider that ERP solutions are meant to benefit only big companies, a misconception that is far from the truth. Also, some business owners believe that they can very efficiently manage operations that are small in magnitude, but if you notice carefully the figures above, they have a different story to tell. ERP software solutions are as much for big companies, as they are for mid-sized and small organisation.

What is an ERP solution?

So what exactly is ERP or enterprise resource planning all about? An ERP software gives you real time company data which allows you to base your decisions on facts and figures rather than the rule of thumb. It is a set of applications that help you to manage your organisation more methodically. It streamlines and automates your business operations and processes including technology, services and human resources to improve efficiency of your establishment.

6 reasons why your organisation needs an ERP solution

It would not be wrong to say that the benefits of embracing an ERP system outweigh the time, money and energy you spend on implementing the software into your organization. Here are 6 simple, yet compelling reasons why your company should be using an ERP software, sooner rather than later.

  1. You get real time data, which improves your decision making.
    Most often companies base their decision making on precedence, rule of thumb or gut feel, as actual information is either not available or comes in late. But, with an ERP system in place you are able to take decisions based on real time data. This significantly improves the quality of decision making, which can save you money and increase customer satisfaction.
  2. It improves customer satisfaction.
    If you think an ERP software is only to integrate internal processes, you are wrong. It also helps in keeping your clients satisfied. From producing leads to acquiring new customers, including their retention and support, an ERP solution helps you all the way through in the customer lifecycle. When you look after your customers well, keep your promises and deliver on time, then there is no reason to worry, you are on the path of success.
  3. ERP solution increases the productivity of your organization.
    An ERP software increases operational efficiency and saves time by eliminating duplication of work, and this in turn increases productivity. It improves the efficiency of your workforce that enhances profitability of your organization.
  4. It also benefits production and inventory management.
    An ERP solution can bring in a lot of improvement if your organisation uses inventory and has a production facility. It keeps you posted on exact production requirements. It also helps improve production and facilitates timely deliveries.
  5. It improves efficiency of your organisation.
    An ERP system increases the visibility of your daily operations and it becomes easier for you to get hold of various reports, as and when you want them. From customized reports and statement of expense to shipment order and income statements, you can get all the information at super-fast speed. This improves your decision making which in turn increases the efficiency of your organization.
  6. You can save a lot of money for your organisation.
    From supply chain management, product development and IT, HR to management, an ERP system integrates your business processes, which increases the cost efficiency of your company. An ERP software eliminates duplication of effort as everyone works on the same system saving your organization money and time. Also, you don’t need to train users on different systems which improves cost savings further. Moreover, an ERP system improves your day-to-day operations that lets entrepreneurs take smarter decisions, saving you a lot of money.

The extent of benefits ERP software solutions can provide are enormous. It is time you shift to a new and modern eZnetERP that takes your business to newer heights.

eZnetERP, a product from vStacks Software Solutions, is a cloud based application that provides 24X7 expert support so that you can focus on the growth and development of your business.

eZnetERP gives a 360-degree overview of your organisation, which improves your decision making and increases your company’s efficiency.